Guard Patrol System helps companies and organizations to organize, log and execute Guard Patrols of their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks at specified time and within the predefined time interval.
There are a wide variety of Guard Patrol Systems, which can be divided in two major categories: Wand Guard Patrol Systems based on handheld devices and Cloud Guard Patrol Systems based on modern mobile and cloud technology.
Guard Patrol Systems provide a means to check and record the time that a Guard executes his Guard Patrol.

  • Legacy Systems continue to Barcodes, NFC tags, QR codes etc as check points and most of them are wand based.
  • Newer Technologies have adopted IoT sensors, physical location of the check point may or may not be known to the Guard. Mobile apps (phones) are used as the devices.

Check points are placed in certain points either on buildings or on other locations of a site or remote area and help the managing staff to identify each different location and each portion of a specific territory.

Guard Patrol System


The implementation of a Guard Patrol System will help companies to monitor their security officers on compliance of assigned Patrol and safeguard their assets more effectively.

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Some of the industries that can benefit by using a Guard Patrol System:

  • Security companies, to monitor officers / Lone Workers, manage Guard Patrol and generate reports.
  • Merchandisers of high value items (Gold, Diamonds etc.,)
  • Bank Vaults and ATM's
  • Apartment Owners Associations
  • Finance Institutes
  • Warehouses, to assure the security of their merchandise
  • Manufacturing facilities, to protect their campus and record incidents
  • Defence Installations
  • Defence Research and Manufacturing units

Advantages of a Guard Patrol System

Guard Patrol System at Best Price in India Automation:

Traditional Paper forms that a Guard would carry on his Patrol and tick mark when he passes a check point and then compile them into reports. This is huge drain on time. Material and prone to errors. A Guard Patrol system automates the process and there are no paper forms, reports are available instantaneously.

Guard-Patrol-System Reporting & Accountability:

Data to evaluate processes, take decisions, visualize problems and suggest solutions will be readily available on the Guard Patrol System. Gathering and analyzing data and utilizing it to afford solutions and manage workflow is the need of the hour for Any Company or Organization - Guard Patrol System is the solution.

Security Services without a Guard Patrol System (either wand or cloud based), have to deal with major problems:

It is impossible to keep thorough recordings of any work process without using computer based system which automates procedures and eliminates paperwork. Even if there are strict guidelines in the delivery and conduct of reports and other necessary documents, there is no a reliable way to track and manage the whole procedure without losing information or valuable time.

Guard Patrol System Offers Best Security Services

Certain doubts could arise in any stage of the patrolling process, such as:

  - Which was the exact time a Guard executed the Guard Patrol?

  - How many check points were missed and for which reason?

  - Are there any missed inspections that are not mentioned on the paper reports?

  - Which are the exact time intervals a security officer accomplished the check points scans?

  - Are the reports delivered in the predefined time?

  - How will a scheduled Guard Patrol will be supervised without reliability issues arise?

  - How easy would it be to search for Guard Patrol executed six months ago?

  - What if there is a device (e.g. hard drives, USB sticks) damage or archive loss?

All of the above provoke trouble. It is obvious that there cannot be a trace of accountability. Even if there is some, the data acquired is totally non- reliable, and you need so much time to index, record, log and search for documents and reports.


Guard Patrol System-Immediate notification of lapse Real Time Tracking:

Guard Patrol System-Immediate notification of lapse
Immediate notification of lapse

One of the most challenging parameters in any solution is to enable real-time actions for both administrators and users. Guard Patrol Systems could not be an exception. The most attractive part of a Smart Guard Patrol System is to achieve territorial management and Guard Monitoring in Real-Time.


Real Time Guard Patrol System-find simplicity
Guard Attendance Register

Getting back to the past, it was inevitable to track guard's activities or conduct patrolling reports in real-time. The officers recorded their activities in a booklet and were informing the center either by sending fax, e-mails or going back to the office to inform about their notes.


However, even up-to-date Guard Patrol System based on rugged devices (wand or rod systems) cannot bear real-time data delivery too. In this case, the officer has two options:

He will record actions via the rugged device, which carries a flash stick and will send later the flash stick to the Monitoring center so as to gather and evaluate the recorded data, or
Someone will visit the site where the wand will be stored and will download the data to a storage device (e.g. flash stick). The next step is to unload the data from the flash stick to a computer for further process and reporting.

Its easy enough to understand that in both cases someone should accomplish the above task almost daily, meaning extra costs in resources as well as data loss danger and need of a specific backup plan. In addition, absence of real time monitoring leads to missed patrols and emerges reliability issues regarding the accurate time officers execute their patrols and if they are within the scheduled time intervals defined by the managing staff.

Guard Patrol Systems REAL TIME GUARD PATROL SYSTEMS (Cloud Based)

Guard Patrol Systems-Real Time Incident Report Real Time Incident Report
Guard Patrol Systems-No Data Download No Data Download
Guard Patrol  System Day Wise Report Day Wise Report

Internet burst has fortunately changed the way patrols are conducted and dissolves ambiguity, launching Guard Patrol Systems based in real time data delivery and acquisition. A Wi-fi or GSM connection allows the instant transmission of incidents report and real-time updates of guard's position, state and activities.