What Is Guard Patrol System ?

A Guard patrol system that sends instant notifications when a guard misses his patrol as required by Organizations and Companies that deal in High Value Merchandise, Apartment Complex, Large Factories, Banks and ATMs etc., to enhance their security. A quality Guard Patrol System can notify in real time.

How Guard Patrol System Works ?

Customized sensors are fixed at checkpoints across the patrol route. Guard is provided with a mobile phone that will remind him to go on Patrol or Round. As the Guard walks around, the mobile app picks up the signals from the checkpoints and populates the database. If the Guard misses his round, designated people are notified on their mobiles who can act or take preventive action immediately.

Best Security Guard Patrol System for India

Guard Patrol System to Prevent Robbery

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What's Common: Security Guard missed his routine Patrol

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  • Guard has to patrol around the property at pre-defined intervals. Lapses have proven to be disastrous.

  • Ensuring compliance is a challenge, especially during the night hours.

  • Increasing number of guards, supervision or surprise checks etc., have escalated the costs manifold with probably a marginal improvement in results.